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Creatives of Gothenburg #6

CreativeMornings Studio / Creatives of Gothenburg #6


“It’s important to think about what you want and where you’re heading. You only have one life and your outlook on it is up to you. You decide if the glass is half empty or half full. I think we need a more positive vision for the future in general. Not having a vision is just dreary. People should try to see more opportunities and less hurdles.
If you high jump you rarely jump higher than where you’ve set the bar so you need to have a vision that sets that bar high.”


Maria Alexén, Creative Strategist at Alexén Avehall Advisory Creative Communication Collaborators
On working from a positive and challenging vision


***CreativeMornings Studio***

Photography: Markus Holm (AmplifyPhoto / amplifyphoto.com)

Interview: Terese Mörtvik (Temocc Studio / temocc.com) <– Want to be interviewed? Message Terese.

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